Learn About Space Maintainers From Our Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentist is happy to explain when space maintainers are a good idea. As always, you can set up an appointment and we’ll discuss space maintainers in more detail. But here are a couple examples of when space maintainers are a good idea:

Prematurely Losing A Tooth

Whether they slipped out of the bathtub or took a tumble on the concrete, childhood accidents happen all the time. Sometimes a tooth can be prematurely lost in the process. Since kids usually don’t start losing teeth until the age of six or seven (give or take), a tooth that’s lost a year or so too soon can negatively impact teeth alignment.

Teeth can start to shift around, problems with TMJ can develop later on, and permanent teeth can be crowded or grow in at an abnormal angle. If your child loses a tooth before they should, bring them into our Reunion or Thornton pediatric dental office to see if space maintainers are a good idea.

Losing a Permanent Tooth

Dental implants are usually the solution for losing a permanent tooth. However, since a child’s jaw, teeth, and mouth as a whole are continuing to grow, a dental implant might not be the right solution at this point in their lives. A space maintainer can often provide a little bit more growing time, and an implant can be placed at a later date.

Missing a Permanent Tooth

Sometimes, children just end up without a permanent tooth, and it never comes in. If you find out your child doesn’t have a permanent tooth, but are still too young for a dental implant, a space maintainer can be an affordable alternative. Talk with our pediatric dentists to see if your child would be a good candidate!

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