Wisdom teeth – nearly everyone you talk to about third year molars has a story of how they were extracted when they were young. Since about 95% of teenagers need to have these removed, you might wonder why we even have these teeth to begin with, and why your child needs to have them taken out. In this article, the team at Treasured Teeth, the superior pediatric dentist in Reunion, CO, explain the origins of third year molars and the wisdom behind extracting them.

What’s So Smart About Wisdom Teeth?

Third year molars usually come in between the ages of 17 to 21. They are similar to the appendix (in your digestive system) and are part of the history of human development. Way back in the days of cavemen and women, our human ancestors ate a diet of unprocessed foods that were typically much more difficult to chew than what we eat now. Wisdom teeth served a purpose in grinding tough meats and raw vegetables to make them easier to digest. While they may have done a great job in helping our ancient relatives retrieve the nutrients they needed to survive, today’s modern diet is much easier to swallow.

Now that we eat foods that require less of our teeth, third year molars are mostly unnecessary, and usually troublesome. Since they often cause more problems than they ever solve, your children’s dentist in Reunion, CO will recommend extraction to maintain your son’s or daughter’s overall dental health.

What Are The Reasons Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

Third molars are removed in many instances. Drs. Tippets and Lacy explain the circumstances most people face that require wisdom teeth extractions:

  • Damage To Existing Teeth – Since your child’s jaw will usually not have space to accommodate another set of molars, the teeth that are already there can be negatively affected when they come in. Rather than simply allowing teeth to be damaged, rotated, or crowded by the new ones, your children’s dentist in Reunion, CO can perform a simple extraction to preserve the health and appearance of other teeth.
  • Jaw Problems – To stave off jaw damage, your dentist will want to remove your child’s wisdom teeth. Cysts can form around the new teeth, leading to pain, in addition to the deterioration of nerves and jawbones in teenagers, so it’s best to have these molars removed.
  • Sinus Issues – Everything in the body is connected. Issues with your wisdom teeth can cause sinus pressure, pain, and even infections. Save yourself some sneezes and listen to your dentist’s advice to have these teeth removed.
  • Prevent Gum Disease – Because wisdom teeth frequently erupt only partially through adolescent gums, they can be difficult to clean and can compromise tissue that was healthy before they arrived. Keeping in mind the health of your child’s entire mouth, these teeth should come out.

If your teenager is dealing with the arrival of their third molars, you need the expertise of the team at Treasured Teeth. Make the wise decision in Reunion, Montrose, or Thornton and schedule your teenager’s appointment today.