Childhood can include all sorts of fears: the dark, clowns, dogs, insects, the peas on their plate and so much more. The one that we really don’t want your child to experience is fear of the dentist. Reunion, CO pediatric dentist Dr. Derren Tippets and his team really do their very best to make your child’s visit to our office pleasant and even fun. However, there are times when a dental procedure may require a long sit in the dentist’s chair. In this case, we have three options for sedation dentistry. But first, let’s talk about what you can do at home and what we do in the office to reassure your child.

Home Prep to Ease Dental Fears

When it comes to talking to your young child about the dentist, less is more. In other words, don’t give your son or daughter more information than they can handle. Just keep the discussion simple. Try saying, “we’re going to dentist to check your smile and count your teeth.” Never suggest that something may “hurt a little.” Reunion sedation dentist Dr. Tippets and his team have their own words for reassuring children who are anxious.

Easing Fears in the Office

Dr. Tippets and his staff are specially trained to deal with pediatric dental fears. Our first step is letting your child know what’s about to happen in language that is age-appropriate. Kids often handle new situations better when they know what to expect. Secondly, we can use distractions to minimize dental anxiety. Maybe they have a favorite toy that they can bring with them to the exam room. Sometimes we can distract them by talking about a pleasant topic—a movie they enjoyed or a recent outing to a ball game or amusement park. Whatever will get their minds off of the dental procedure they’re about to have.

Sedation Dentistry in Reunion, CO

Despite our best efforts and yours, there are times when a child just cannot overcome their anxiety. And that’s okay—but we still need to be able to take care of that precious little smile. In this case, Dr. Tippets will recommend the type of sedation dentistry that he feels is most appropriate for your child and the treatment he or she needs.

We offer three kinds of sedation:

  • Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, which is inhaled through a nose mask
  • Oral Conscious Sedation is a sedative medication that is mixed with juice your child will drink in the office to help them relax and even doze during their appointment
  • General Anesthesia is offered in the office or in hospital and is administered by a licensed anesthesiologist

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