Your child always brings a smile to your face – which makes you reflect on the important habits you can teach them to ensure their teeth are healthy and bright their entire lives. You started brushing together – everyday, twice a day – since the time their teeth came in, but what about flossing? This aspect of your at-home oral care routine is crucial, even for youngsters. In this post, the team at Treasured Teeth, your superior kid’s dentist in Reunion, CO, teach you when your kids should start flossing and give tips on how to make this habit enjoyable.

When Should Kids Start Flossing?

As the most respected pediatric dentist in Thornton and Reunion, Dr. Derren Tippets and his team recommend following the advice of the American Dental Association (ADA) when it comes to determining the age at which kids should start flossing.

Once at least two of their teeth begin to touch – usually between the ages of 2 and 6 – children should begin flossing. From this point on, make sure kids floss at least once a day.

What Are The Best Flossing Techniques I Can Pass On To My Child?

Since kids are prone to tooth decay from the barrage of sweet treats that are marketed to them, we recommend the following tips to ensure your child learns how to floss correctly and maintains this habit throughout their lives:

  • Floss In The Right Direction – Slide the floss in between teeth, moving in a C-shape to get the gums in on both sides of each tooth, as well as under the gum line.
  • Take Your Time – Don’t snap the floss between your teeth, instead go slowly and take your time to avoid trauma to the gums.
  • Keep It Painless – Many adults skimp on flossing because it hurts, and kid are no different. Try using a satin style dental tape to make flossing pain-free.
  • Right Tool For The Job – Since kids are developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, consider using flossers that hold this string for kids.
  • Make It Fun – Watch this helpful kid-friendly cartoon that makes flossing engaging for little ones.
  • Do It For Them – When kids are still young, floss for them to get them used to the sensation of flossing. When the time is right, they can take over themselves.

If you, as a parent, need to brush up your flossing skills? Watch this quick video. And be sure to see us at least twice a year for professional instruction on how to floss, as well as general exams and cleanings.

Now that you know when your children should begin flossing and how to teach them the best ways to do it, schedule your appointment today with the team at Treasured Teeth – we’ll keep their smiles healthy and bright!