Your children are very active – they play outside, love roughhousing, and are growing into star athletes. But one afternoon at the playground, you got an unexpected scare when your son jumped from the top of the jungle gym at the playground and didn’t quite stick the landing. He came down hard – chipping one of his teeth in the process. You were distressed and so was he – but luckily for you, you’re a patient at Treasured Teeth, the superior pediatric dentist in Commerce City, CO. In this post, our team explains what to do when your child chips a tooth.

What Should I Do If My Child Chips A Tooth?

As the most respected kid’s dentist in Commerce City, CO, Dr. Derren Tippets and Dr. Michele Lacy have lots of experience with urgent oral health situations that affect little ones. They recommend following the steps below if your child chips a tooth:

  • Stay calm.
  • Check for tooth fragments both inside and outside the mouth.
  • Have your child rinse with water, and be sure they do not swallow it, since this may cause them to swallow pieces of the tooth.
  • Put a cold compress on their face for swelling.
  • If your child injures their soft tissue (i.e., lips, gums, etc) in the process of chipping their tooth, apply a piece of clean gauze that’s been moistened with salt water to the area, or a wet tea bag, and apply pressure for 15-20 minutes. If the bleeding doesn’t stop by then, go immediately to the ER.
  • Call us right away at (303) 536-3837.
  • Do not attempt to use over-the-counter dental cements or adhesives to repair the chip yourself – this can further complicate proper treatment.
  • Do not delay treatment. Kids can be especially susceptible to dangerous oral infections when they chip a tooth, so seek care as soon as possible.

How Can I Prevent Chipped Teeth In My Children?

While we can’t prevent every accident in life, there are a few things you can try to prevent chips:

  • Mouthguards – If your child participates in sports – even bike riding – a mouthguard is essential to preventing traumatic tooth issues, and keeping their developing brains safe.
  • Flouride – To help keep enamel strong and prevent chipping, professional fluoride treatments from the team at Treasured Teeth can help.
  • 2x2x2 – To make sure your children’s teeth are in the best shape possible, make sure they brush gently twice a day for two minutes, and see us at least twice a year for professional checkups and cleanings. We’ll be able to spot enamel problems and can help prevent chipping in the back teeth with dental sealants.
  • Nightguards – If your child grinds their teeth at night, this can compromise their teeth and put them at risk for chips, cracks, and breaks. Consider a nightguard to help protect their smile while their snoozing.

Now that you know what to do when your child chips a tooth, schedule your appointmentwith Treasured Teeth to keep their smiles healthy and bright before an accident happens!