You want to give your children the world – you do everything you can to make sure they succeed in school, to guide them in learning crucial life lessons early in life, and to help them have fun while they’re growing up, too. And when it comes to a kid’s dentist in Commerce City, CO, you want someone who understands that healthy teeth are another important part of your children’s lives, just like you do. That’s why the team at Treasured Teeth only specialize in treating infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents. Learn why our advanced training makes us your trusted pediatric dentist in Commerce City, CO.

What Specialized Training Does Dr. Tippets Have?

Dr. Derren Tippets not only receive his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University that gave him the qualifications he needed to provide dentistry to patients of all ages – including kids – he specifically studied Pediatric Dentistry for an additional two years at Temple Hospital in Philadelphia. He also completed his residency at the same hospital and was the nursery leader for dental care for children ages 18 months to 3 years old for 3 years. Additionally, Dr. Tippets served as a home healthcare provider for special needs patients for a year – making him experienced in caring for kids with requirements for special mental and physical accommodations. And, since he loves watching kids grow and helping them develop into bright young citizens with even brighter smiles, he has been a Boy Scouts leader for many years.

What Specialized Training Does Dr. Lacy Have?

As a graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Michelle Lacy has many years of experience in all facets of dentistry. She’s received the highest possible honor from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and is a recognized Diplomate with this prestigious nationwide professional association. In fact, Dr. Lacy is so well-versed and respected in providing dental care for kids that she has had multiple articles published on her research and techniques in pediatric dentistry. She’s contributed to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry journal and the The MassGeneral Hospital for Children Handbook for Pediatric Global Health, among other well-known scientific and academic journals. And, she has extensive education and training in oral sedation, general anesthesia, and emergency dentistry for kids, as well as being an expert in caring for children with special medical needs.

Why Should My Kids See A Pediatric Dental Specialist?

While most dentists have some minor training in providing education, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments to kids, the general education they receive isn’t as specialized as our team’s advanced knowledge and in-depth training is. And when it comes to creating your child’s life-long smile, who better to trust than a team with decades of combines experience in caring for children only?

Now that you know about the advanced education and training that the team at Treasured Teeth have, schedule an appointment for your son or daughter today – and put your child’s smile in the hands of respected experts you can trust!