Protecting & Strengthening Young Teeth with Crowns

Has decay or an injury endangered one of your child’s teeth? At Treasured Teeth, our pediatric dentists can help your little one protect his or her smile with a custom-made crown. Also known as caps, dental crowns are made to cover and preserve a weakened tooth, improving its structural integrity and appearance. Once the crown is in place, your child’s tooth will be strong and functional again.

A complete crown procedure requires two appointments with our skilled pediatric dentists. In the first, your child’s dentist will prepare the tooth and take an impression of it. We’ll also place a temporary crown over your child’s tooth to protect it while our lab carefully crafts the final version. When your child’s permanent crown is ready, we’ll just need to switch the temporary out for the customized crown and put the finishing touches on it.

Does your child need a dental crown? Give Treasured Teeth a call to schedule an appointment. We offer outstanding and unparalleled care to children and have offices located in Reunion and Thornton.  Contact our dental clinic today!