Did you know you should floss your child’s teeth as soon as he or she has two that touch, or that kids whose parents demonstrate good habits by brushing and flossing regularly are more likely to develop great oral hygiene habits? Not many adult patients seem to realize how important flossing is, and that means our kids aren’t likely to understand this essential element of oral hygiene. The following flossing tips and tricks will help make flossing fun for your little one, and build great oral health habits for the whole family.

The FUN-Damentals of Flossing

The best way to encourage kids to care for their teeth properly is to make it fun! We try to help kids make daily brushing and flossing a game, and learning to brush and floss can be fun too. From an early age, parents should floss their child’s teeth, but by the age of three, children should be encouraged to try flossing on their own (with attentive supervision and assistance).

  • For young, first-time flossers, a great way to demonstrate flossing is using egg carton smiles. Cut out the cups of an egg carton (you can paint these white to look more like teeth). Place the cups opening side down on a piece of cardboard or construction paper, and carefully glue them to shape a smile leaving space between resembling an exaggerated dental gap. Finally, place thin strips of Play-Doh between the teeth. Floss your child’s teeth, and then, let him or her floss the egg carton teeth. Letting your children practice flossing with the egg carton smile will help prepare them to floss their own teeth. They can also start trying to floss their own teeth at this time.
  • For older kids who need a refresher or those who are reluctant flossers, you can try the peanut butter hand flossing Put on a disposable glove, apply peanut butter to the fingers including the space between. Keeping your fingers pressed firmly together, let your child use a toothbrush and floss to remove the peanut butter. This helps explain to kids why flossing is so important since brushing alone will not remove all of the peanut butter plaque.

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