Your family doctor can treat your child when he’s sick, but you probably take your child to a pediatrician because they are the expert in children’s health care. Your family dentist can care for your child’s teeth, but a pediatric dentist is better able to care for your child’s oral health needs. From your child’s first checkup, Treasured Teeth are here to support oral health care maintenance and build a solid foundation so your child can have a great smile for life. In Thornton, CO we are here to help your child develop and maintain excellent oral health. Call to schedule an appointment with our skilled pediatric dentistry team.

When Should My Child Start Going to the Dentist?

It is recommended that your child see a dentist shortly after the first tooth shows, or before their first birthday. Many parents think this sounds too early, but it is essential to remember that primary (baby) teeth are not just temporary teeth to aid your child’s chewing and facial shape as they grow. Primary teeth create paths for permanent teeth to grow. As soon as your child begins to develop teeth, it is essential that a pediatric dentist monitors him regularly for possible complications. Everyone in your family should visit the dentist for checkups and dental cleanings every six months. This is especially important for young children. If you joke about having to buy new clothes or shoes every week because they’re growing so fast, think about how much their dental health could change in just six months. Keeping your child’s teeth healthy from day one is our goal. Advances in dental care are making it possible for more and more people to keep their natural teeth for life, and we want your child to be one of them.

What Will My Child’s First Appointment Be Like?

Before the visit, speak to your child positively about the dentist. Even infants will pick up on positive speech. Encouraging your child to laugh and be happy, when going to the dentist can make a difference once you arrive. However, you should determine a plan of action for any eventuality. Whether your child is cooperative or uncooperative on his first visit, it’s important to keep visiting the dentist regularly so your child can become used to the routine.

At your child’s first appointment, she will be delighted with fun décor and entertainment in the examination rooms. The doctor will examine your child’s oral health carefully. Every six months a dental hygienists will clean the child’s teeth and provide feedback and recommendations about at home care. Once your child is old enough to begin walking, we will take him on a tour of the office, so he can get used to all of the machines, and know what we’re doing. As your child reaches an age where she becomes more independent, our hygienists will help educate them on oral health care and dental hygiene at home. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will make every visit a fun experience for your child.

The most important reason for these initial visits is to allow your child to build rapport with the dentists. If your child was to need dental health care at some point, it will make a big difference if she is used to visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety affects more than 50% of Americans. Regular dental visits help prepare your child for a lifetime of good dental health, and decreases his risk for dental anxiety.

How do I Find Out More?

If you have a child who needs to see a dentist soon or your family dentist recommends that your child see a pediatric specialist, the knowledgeable, welcoming staff at Treasured Teeth invite you to contact us with any questions or the schedule an appointment. With offices conveniently located in Thornton, Commerce City, and Montrose, CO, we welcome treasured teeth from the surrounding areas including Westminster, Arvada, Denver, Aurora, Watkins, Olathe, and Cimarron.