Your daughter made the holiday song “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth,” a reality this past December. Seeing her adult teeth come in makes you realize just how fast time passes and causes you to wonder what you can do to keep all of her teeth healthy – including those that will soon belong to the Tooth Fairy. Treasured Teeth, your pediatric dentist in Thornton, CO, has the same goal of proper oral care in mind for your children. They offer tips here on how and why to keep baby teeth healthy, so you can give your child a great smile that will last their entire lives.

Why Is Oral Hygiene For Baby Teeth Important?

Dr. Derren Tippets and Dr. Michele Lacy, specialists who focus solely on pediatric dentistry, advise that dental care for baby teeth is necessary based on the following facts:

  • Pain – Although they will eventually fall out, baby teeth can cause severe pain when dental maladies occur in your son or daughter. Kids are especially prone to tooth decay and cavities, since they’re still developing bone tissue (like teeth), and because they’re building hand-eye coordination and motor skills – this makes proper brushing and flossing harder for them. Cavities can be especially painful for children, and can even lead to problems that require root canal therapy. That’s right, your child could need a root canal without proper oral hygiene.
  • Valuable Placeholders – Like the American Dental Association expert advises in this video, deciduous teeth are natural braces that hold the place for adult teeth to come in. Keeping these strong and healthy will give your children a head start in developing a brilliant adult smile.
  • Chewing – Proper nutrition is vital to children and healthy teeth play a big role in making sure your child receives all the vitamins and minerals they need from their food. And, teaching your children to enjoy a variety of healthy snacks like carrots, apples, and corn on the cob, while they’re young relies upon good teeth.
  • Speaking – Ask any parent who’s had a child in speech therapy about the need for healthy baby teeth and they’ll tell you how vital they are. As we mentioned, kids are developing motor skills, including speaking, and their pearly whites are important in teaching children how to pronounce sounds correctly.

What Can I Do To Take Care Of My Child’s Oral Health?

As a parent, there are many things you can do to keep your children’s oral hygiene up to par. Follow these steps from the premier children’s dentist in Thornton, CO:

  • Brush & Floss – Brush gently for two minutes, twice a day, and floss afterwards.
  • Eat Healthy – Skip sugary snacks and beverages (like fruit juice) and enjoy high protein treats, dairy, and leafy greens instead.
  • See Your Dentist – Establish a routine for dental care twice a year with your children. The American Dental Association recommends scheduling your child’s first appointment no later than their first birthday.

Since you understand how essential healthy baby teeth are for your children, schedule your appointment today with the trusted pediatric dental specialists in Montrose, Reunion, and Thornton.