You’re always surprised by how much your children take after you and your husband. Whether it’s never eating the crusts on their sandwiches like their dad, laughing at the same jokes that you find funny, or accidentally repeating a risqué phrase they weren’t supposed to say, your apples don’t fall far from the tree. They even seem to imitate the way you care for your teeth and gums – which is something to be aware of. That’s why the best tip for parents from the premier pediatric dentist in Montrose, CO is to lead their children by example when it comes to oral health.

What Healthy Dental Habits Can I Pass On To My Kids?

At Treasured Teeth, we focus exclusively on pediatric dentistry – our years of experience in this specialty have taught us that parents have a lot of wisdom to pass on to their kids, both directly and indirectly. Dr. Derren E. Tippets, DMD, and Dr. Michele Lacy, DMD, recommend the following strategies for oral hygiene that role models can instill in their children.

  • Brush & Floss – This may seem straightforward, but a daily oral care routine that’s properly executed is fundamental in building healthy habits in kids. Brush gently for two minutes twice a day and floss when you’re done. Make sure to slow down and teach your son and daughter to do the same – it’s up to you to show them that brushing harder for a shorter amount of time doesn’t get the job done right.
  • Eat Healthy – Since proper nutrition is vital to all aspects of your family’s health, make healthy choices when it comes to foods and beverages. To prevent tooth decay, stick to water, avoid sugary drinks and snacks, and load up on calcium rich foods like leafy greens and dairy (especially cheese). While you should limit grazing between meals to protect your enamel, if you need a quick pick-me-up, try a high-protein snack instead of chips or candy. Your kids will notice the choices you make and follow in your footsteps.
  • Don’t Smoke – If you’re a smoker or use snuff or dip, stop – your kids are watching! Not only do these cause unsightly staining and gum disease, tobacco products are the leading cause of oral cancers, which can be prevented with the right lifestyle choices. By avoiding these unhealthy habits and educating your children on how bad tobacco is for your teeth (and the rest of your body), you’ll live longer and be able to watch them grow into healthy adults with bright smiles.
  • See Your Dentist Regularly – Even if you do everything perfectly at home, you and your kids will need to see the dentist at least twice a year. If you talk about how important oral hygiene is, but never visit the dentist yourself, your kids will pick up on that message. Find the right dentist for you, and trust Drs. Tippet and Lacy to take care of your kids – after all, they’re the preferred children’s dentist in Montrose, CO.

Now that you’ve gone through a brief refresher course on the healthy habits you can demonstrate for your kids, schedule an appointment for your son or daughter with the premier specialists in pediatric dentistry at Treasured Teeth.