1. Your Pediatric Dentist in Thornton, CO Discusses Early Visits

    As a parent, taking care of your child’s health is always your top priority. Along with that comes a lot of questions, such as when should your child first visit the dentist? Your pediatric dentist in Thornton, CO wants to take the guesswork out of dental care by discussing the benefits of seeing the dentist at an early age. Many general dentists don’t want to see your child until three or fou…Read More

  2. Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO Offers Tips For Promoting Good Oral Health

    Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month the American Dental Association is dedicated to helping parents and children understand how to promote and maintain good oral health. Educating children about oral care and acclimating them to dental appointments at an early age is important in order to help promote a lifetime of optimum oral health. Your children…Read More

  3. How sugar affects teeth (spoiler: it’s not good)

    So you know that sugar isn’t good for teeth, that it can cause decay and infection — especially in young mouths. But if you’re a parent, you probably also know that the battle against sugar in your child’s diet is constant… and it may feel like you’re always losing. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about how the substance affects your child’s smile, and then get some tips on h…Read More

  4. Tips for Teaching Kids to Floss from Your Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO

    Did you know you should floss your child’s teeth as soon as he or she has two that touch, or that kids whose parents demonstrate good habits by brushing and flossing regularly are more likely to develop great oral hygiene habits? Not many adult patients seem to realize how important flossing is, and that means our kids aren’t likely to understand this essential element of oral hygiene. The fol…Read More

  5. Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO: Baby Teeth are VIP!

    They’re tiny, white and perfect. We call them baby teeth, and they’re so precious — but did you know that decay can begin with the very first one? And that regular dental cleanings and exams are just as important for your child’s teeth as they are for yours? Learn more about caring for your little one’s teeth from the children’s dentist in Thornton, CO today. Baby Teeth Matter Becaus…Read More

  6. Children’s Dentist in Thornton CO on Space Maintainers

    When a child loses a tooth too early, orthodontic problems can develop as a result — but only if the space left by the missing tooth remains unfilled. Space maintainers are a great solution to that, because they save a spot in your child’s mouth until a permanent tooth or prosthetic can take the tooth’s place. Learn more about the importance of pediatric space maintainers from Treasured Teet…Read More

  7. Are your children scared of the dentist? Ask How Treasured Teeth Can Help

    Dental anxiety is the 2nd most commonly cited reason for skipping dental appointments, and one of the top reasons given for dental anxiety is a bad experience from childhood. At Treasured Teeth, we want children to receive the dental care they need in an environment free from fear or stress. That’s why we offer dentistry specifically suited to meeting the needs of the littlest smiles, providing…Read More

  8. Kids Dentist in Thornton CO Recommends Dental Sealants

    It’s something we see at our office a lot. Parents bring their young children in for a routine oral examination, and they’re surprised to get the news no one wants to hear — that their child has one (or more) cavities. Your child’s teeth are so white and tiny, and it’s easy to forget they’re prone to the same cavity-causing decay as yours are. Often, tooth decay isn’t a result of poo…Read More

  9. The Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO

    Your family doctor can treat your child when he’s sick, but you probably take your child to a pediatrician because they are the expert in children’s health care. Your family dentist can care for your child’s teeth, but a pediatric dentist is better able to care for your child’s oral health needs. From your child’s first checkup, Treasured Teeth are here to support oral health care ma…Read More

  10. First-Rate Children’s Dental Care

    Most other children’s dentist offices don’t really cater to young patients, especially when it comes to providing a kid-friendly atmosphere. At Treasured Teeth in Thornton, CO, we do things differently. Do you know of any other offices that house a huge pirate ship playhouse? We didn’t think so. Dr. Derren Tippets’ love for children shows in the excellent care he provides for each pat…Read More