1. Brushing Tips with Your Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO

    The most basic part of you and your children’s dental hygiene regimen is a toothbrush. You probably haven’t given it much consideration, which is curious seeing as how you put it in your mouth every day. Have you thought about which is the best type for your child? When might it be time for a new one? Your children’s dentist in Thornton, CO gives you the facts on this every day part of your…Read More

  2. Child Cavities with your Pediatric Dentist in Thornton

    You’re trying to soak up every little bit of the image in front of you. It’s your child, peacefully passed out with their bottle in their mouth. This is one of those few quiet moments that reassures you why you became a parent. You gently stroke their hair as you take the bottle out of their mouth. They roll over a bit and yawn, and you notice one of their teeth looks like it has a dark spot o…Read More

  3. What Age Do Children Start Losing Teeth?

    When your child loses their first tooth, it is just as exciting as when your child received their first baby tooth. Generally, children begin to lose their baby teeth around the age of 6. Over the next few years, your child will continue to lose their baby teeth to allow a permanent tooth to fill the space. Your child’s age will help you determine which teeth you can expect them to lose next. As…Read More

  4. Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Mouth

    We all want your child to have a healthy, beautiful smile, but did you know caring for your child’s smile involves more than just brushing and flossing? The foods your child eats have a large impact on their oral and overall health. We all know it’s important for your child to have limited consumption of sugary foods and drinks to decrease the risk for cavities, but nutrition and oral health g…Read More

  5. How Does Thumbsucking Affect a Child’s Teeth?

    Thumbsucking is a common habit in young children. Sucking is one of the first actions they learn, after all — and so a child’s thumb may provide soothing comfort as they interact with the world around them. While it’s normally a passing phase, thumbsucking that persists well into childhood can negatively affect the development of the mouth, especially the proper alignment of the teeth. Keep …Read More

  6. Protecting Baby Teeth with Dental Sealants

    Dental sealants are plastic coatings painted onto the surface of molars to prevent cavities. They’re recommended for children’s permanent teeth, but their baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, right? Wrong. At Treasured Teeth, we recommend dental sealants for primary and permanent teeth. Learn more from the pediatric dentist in Thornton, Commerce City and Reunion! Why Place Dental Seala…Read More

  7. Your Pediatric Dentist in Thornton, CO Discusses Early Visits

    As a parent, taking care of your child’s health is always your top priority. Along with that comes a lot of questions, such as when should your child first visit the dentist? Your pediatric dentist in Thornton, CO wants to take the guesswork out of dental care by discussing the benefits of seeing the dentist at an early age. Many general dentists don’t want to see your child until three or fou…Read More

  8. Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO Offers Tips For Promoting Good Oral Health

    Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month the American Dental Association is dedicated to helping parents and children understand how to promote and maintain good oral health. Educating children about oral care and acclimating them to dental appointments at an early age is important in order to help promote a lifetime of optimum oral health. Your children…Read More

  9. How sugar affects teeth (spoiler: it’s not good)

    So you know that sugar isn’t good for teeth, that it can cause decay and infection — especially in young mouths. But if you’re a parent, you probably also know that the battle against sugar in your child’s diet is constant… and it may feel like you’re always losing. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about how the substance affects your child’s smile, and then get some tips on h…Read More

  10. Tips for Teaching Kids to Floss from Your Children’s Dentist in Thornton, CO

    Did you know you should floss your child’s teeth as soon as he or she has two that touch, or that kids whose parents demonstrate good habits by brushing and flossing regularly are more likely to develop great oral hygiene habits? Not many adult patients seem to realize how important flossing is, and that means our kids aren’t likely to understand this essential element of oral hygiene. The fol…Read More