1. There’s No Need to Fear the Pediatric Dentist in Reunion!

    At Treasured Teeth, we work hard to cultivate an environment where kiddos can feel completely comfortable. But even with our televisions, toys, and other cool surprises, we know a lot of children may still be a little (or even a lot) nervous to sit in the dental chair. That’s especially true if they’re having some kind of dental work done, like a filling or a crown. But we’ve got good news! …Read More

  2. Thumb-Sucking – Facts From Your Pediatric Dentist In Thornton

    Your child is so much like you – funny, smart, and mature for his age. But unfortunately, it seems like you’ve also passed on one of your other attributes to your little one – your naturally anxious demeanor. Although you’ve learned to relax as an adult, you remember your own penchant for sucking your thumb that your son has picked up. Although you know he does this to soothe himself, did …Read More

  3. Avoid Tooth Decay With Your Pediatric Dentist

    Did you know that 25% of kids develop at least one cavity while they’re young? Although this number has dropped from 74% since the 1970s, ¼ is still too high a number for the team at Treasured Teeth. Ideally, we’d like to see that number at zero. So how can you help your kids avoid tooth decay-related problems? Follow these tips from your respected pediatric dentist in Reunion to give them a…Read More

  4. Energy & Sports Drinks: Facts From Your Children’s Dentist In Reunion

    As parents, we don’t have to tell you – there are so many sugary foods and beverages that are marketed either directly to indirectly to your kids. Among these, energy and sports drinks can have a tremendous negative impact to youngsters’ smiles. In this post, your trusted children’s dentist in Reunion explains why you should avoid these beverages. Learn more from the team at Treasured Tee…Read More

  5. Your Pediatric Dentist In Reunion, CO Says Bye-Bye To Baby Bottles

    Your baby is the light of your life – every time you look at your child, you can’t help but beam. You want to give your little one every possible advantage in life so that your child can smile just as brightly as you do. To make this a possibility, it’s important to consider the impact that baby bottles can have on children’s teeth and developing jaw structure. In this post, the team at T…Read More

  6. Your Kid’s Dentist In Commerce City, CO Has Specialized Training

    You want to give your children the world – you do everything you can to make sure they succeed in school, to guide them in learning crucial life lessons early in life, and to help them have fun while they’re growing up, too. And when it comes to a kid’s dentist in Commerce City, CO, you want someone who understands that healthy teeth are another important part of your children’s lives, jus…Read More

  7. Your Pediatric Dentist In Commerce City, CO Explains Kid’s Chipped Teeth

    Your children are very active – they play outside, love roughhousing, and are growing into star athletes. But one afternoon at the playground, you got an unexpected scare when your son jumped from the top of the jungle gym at the playground and didn’t quite stick the landing. He came down hard – chipping one of his teeth in the process. You were distressed and so was he – but luckily for y…Read More

  8. Flossing For Kids – Tips From Premier Kid’s Dentist

    Your child always brings a smile to your face – which makes you reflect on the important habits you can teach them to ensure their teeth are healthy and bright their entire lives. You started brushing together – everyday, twice a day – since the time their teeth came in, but what about flossing? This aspect of your at-home oral care routine is crucial, even for youngsters. In this post, the …Read More

  9. 5 Dental Tips from Your Kid’s Dentist in Commerce City, CO

    When you think about the most common disease in children, tooth decay probably isn’t what initially comes to mind. However, Colorado surveys point out that 20-25% of all kids—across various economic groups—have high levels of decaying bacteria in their mouths. The research also shows that only 68% of the overall population saw a dentist in 2010! Even though many families have access to den…Read More

  10. Happy Dental Visits with Your Kid’s Dentist in Thornton, CO

    Remember back when you were a small child and you feared to go to the dentist? Anytime your parents even mentioned a dental office, you cringed and pictured a looming doctor in a long white medical jacket, a mask covering half his face, and sharp glistening tools beneath the dull industrial lighting. In many cases, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Although your kid’s dentist in Thornt…Read More