1. Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

    It’s not common that you find someone who likes going to the dentist, not to mention a child that likes going to the dentist. For children, grown ups coming toward them with sharp tools can seem incredibly scary, and if the proper measures aren’t taken, that fear will stick with them as they grow older. Treasured Teeth made it our passion to create an atmosphere for your child that is fun and …Read More

  2. Teeth-Friendly Summer Snacks

    The kids are home for the summer, which means you’re seeing everything that everyone’s eating (it also likely means your grocery bill is exponentially higher). Summer is made up of popsicles and choco tacos and smores and every other wonderful sweet treat on the planet, and everyone should have a chance to indulge in this magical season. However, the key word is “indulge” — if the kiddos…Read More

  3. Keeping Up With Summer Routines

    Something happens when school lets out for the summer. Parents know it, teachers know it, and kids might not realize it, but it definitely affects them. With the lack of daily and weekly structure that takes place for nine months, an increase of travel and staying up late, routines can often be more or less thrown out the window. As fun as it might seem for awhile, this is ultimately a bit detrime…Read More

  4. Summer Fun in Colorado

    We can hardly believe it, but summer has once again arrived, and it’s a great time to take advantage of all that Colorado has to offer. The warmer weather and time off from school means more time for you and your kids to get outside, explore the area, and to connect as a family. There are so many incredible opportunities that your child will surely love, and as a kid’s dentist in Reunion and T…Read More

  5. Tips and Tricks For a Fun, Anxiety-Free Dental Experience For Your Kids

    Going to the dentist is a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s not necessarily people’s favorite thing ever to visit the dentist for a cleaning or check-up, but on the other hand, it is necessary to visit the dentist at least twice a year for good oral health. Depending on what your child’s perception and experience with modern dentistry are like, visiting your Thornton pediatric d…Read More

  6. Animal Teeth That Could Use a Dentist

    Here at Treasured Teeth, we’ve seen our fair share of pearly whites. While we can’t necessarily speak on the behalf of other dentists, our pediatric dentists are willing to wager that many dentists around the world have encountered their fair share of teeth that...well, needed some dental attention. However, even the worst set of human teeth pales in comparison to working on some of the scarie…Read More

  7. Foods Your Teeth and Dentist Want You to Avoid (or at Least Moderate)

    If you’re in a frenzy trying to get your kid to brush (and floss) their teeth before visiting our pediatric dentists in Reunion, you might want to think twice about what they’re eating. While we’re by no means trying to “backseat parent,” we are experienced dentists who know that certain foods have positive effects on our teeth, with the majority of foods resulting in a detrimental effec…Read More

  8. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Treasured Teeth! Stay tuned for our latest updates!…Read More

  9. Celebrate Back to School With a Visit to a Kids Dentist

    Back to school season is something you notice no matter your age — it always feels like a time to start fresh. How is your little one adjusting to the new school year? After a long summer spent eating what more of what they want (ice cream, candy, etc.) and spending time away from home at friend’s houses and on vacation, their smile may have taken something of a beating. Celebrate the return t…Read More

  10. What Does Your Pediatric Dentist in Commerce City Look For?

    Your child’s dental health can have an impact on his or her entire life. You don’t want to leave anything to chance! When you bring your young one to your pediatric dentist in Commerce City, the dental care provider will do more than just perform a thorough cleaning. They’ll also carry out an exam that can identify problems with your child’s oral health — or even their overall health …Read More