Spring is quickly approaching and the kids are getting cabin fever. Did you know that letting them get some fresh air and sunshine will not only expend their extra energy, it will also make their teeth healthier? That’s right – the team at Treasured Teeth know that the vitamin D that comes from playing out in the sun improves bone strength and keeps kids’ smiles bright. Find out how in this post from your premier pediatric dentist in Thornton, CO.

What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a crucial chemical for your overall health – it helps make your bones (including teeth) stronger by making it easier for your body to absorb calcium. It also assists in allowing cells all over your body to communicate better. Vitamin D deficiency is the primary cause of the childhood disease, rickets. And, not having enough of it has been linked to brittle bones, asthma, diabetes, and even cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Why Is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D is important for kids for many reasons, on top of being critical to bone and tooth health. Dr. Tippets and Dr. Lacy explain that it’s beneficial for the following:

  • Brain Development
  • Immune System
  • Muscle Function
  • Cardiovascular Strength
  • Respiratory System

Not only does this sunshine vitamin keep your son and daughter’s smile gleaming, it positively impacts their overall, systemic health.

How Can My Kids Get Vitamin D?

Unlike other vitamins and minerals that come from food, vitamin D is actually produced by your body. It starts with cholesterol (which is invisible) that sits on top of your skin. When your kids play out in the sun, the sunshine creates a chemical reaction that turns the cholesterol into a useable vitamin D hormone called calcitrol.

For most children and adults, there’s no way to get this important vitamin from foods – only the sun will do, which is complicated for kids who are stuck indoors during school, playing video games, or watching TV and using iPads or other technology.

While adults who don’t spend enough time outside can usually boost their intake of this substance with a supplement, sunshine is still the best way to get what you and your children need.

The sun has gotten a bad reputation lately, but spending just 10 minutes basking in the rays without sunscreen is safe and can greatly improve vitamin D levels in kids, and adults.

Now that you know how important vitamin D is for your children, let them play outside! And schedule your appointment with the team at Treasured Teeth – we’ll keep their smiles brighter than the sun.