You’re trying to soak up every little bit of the image in front of you. It’s your child, peacefully passed out with their bottle in their mouth. This is one of those few quiet moments that reassures you why you became a parent. You gently stroke their hair as you take the bottle out of their mouth. They roll over a bit and yawn, and you notice one of their teeth looks like it has a dark spot on it. Should this concern you? The teeth are eventually going to fall out, so do cavities even matter? Your pediatric dentist in Thornton tells you why you should always take care of your child’s cavities.

How Children’s Cavities Affect their Permanent Teeth

Children are practically cavity making machines. They tend to like sugary drinks and snacks, and many are completely unwilling to brush their teeth. Due to these factors, children often experience cavities in their baby, also known as primary, teeth. As many as 42% of children in the US either have or have had a cavity. It may be tempting to simply leave a cavity alone and potentially save your child from an uncomfortable dental visit, but it should be taken care of just like if it was one of their permanent teeth. Primary tooth decay, if left alone, can eventually make its way to the soft tissue. Gum disease can be one of the leading causes of tooth loss, and could cause your child’s teeth to fall out prematurely. The infection can even reach the permanent teeth before they come in. Permanent teeth with cavities while still residing in the gum line are hard to notice and even harder to treat. This could mean they are left to decay for a long time, compromising the look and function of the tooth even before it comes it. The tooth may need to be pulled or need a restoration once it comes in. This could lead to your child’s other teeth coming in crooked, making it difficult for them to speak or eat comfortably.

How Can I Prevent This?

The best way to prevent cavities of any kind in your children is through consistent brushing and flossing. This will stop many cavities before they have the chance to form, and save both you quite a bit of discomfort. Some children can be very resistant to brushing their teeth, but instilling this habit is very important to their overall health. If your child already has a cavity, please bring them into Treasured Teeth so we can take care of it. Dr. Derren Tippets and Dr. Michele Lacy are pediatric dental specialists, so they know just how to take care of your child’s teeth, as well as their emotions. It takes a special touch to perform dentistry on children, so you want to be sure that you bring them to a practice with experience.

We’re Here to Help

Your child is constantly growing and changing, and this includes their teeth. Decay in their primary teeth is just as big a concern as their permanent teeth, so don’t hesitate to bring them in. We can reassure you that we will take care of your child in the best way possible, so give us a call today.