Dental anxiety is the 2nd most commonly cited reason for skipping dental appointments, and one of the top reasons given for dental anxiety is a bad experience from childhood. At Treasured Teeth, we want children to receive the dental care they need in an environment free from fear or stress. That’s why we offer dentistry specifically suited to meeting the needs of the littlest smiles, providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere for treatment, and always encouraging children to ask questions and fully understand their care. Our atmosphere combined with parental support are usually enough to help young patients relax during treatment, but for those who need a little extra help, we also offer sedation dentistry. To prepare your child for a lifetime free from dental anxiety, contact Treasured Teeth at any of our convenient office locations: Reunion, Thornton, or Montrose, CO to schedule your appointment today.

Our Environment Makes us the Children’s Dentist Thornton, CO Trusts

Treasured Teeth is a pediatric dental specialist. That means our dental practitioners have extended training in caring for children. This includes behavioral modification and educational techniques in addition to having a thorough understanding of developing dentition. Our office and team make visiting the dentist fun from the moment your child arrives. We’ll help establish a lifetime of positive dental memories.

Your Help Makes a World of Difference in Your Child’s Dental Health

For kids who do show signs of dental anxiety or phobia before or during their visit, mom and dad’s support is often the key to helping them relax. Some ways parents can help us include:

  • Try to remind your child that he has nothing to fear, and the dentist wants to help.
  • Bring along a favorite toy, blanket, or pillow to put your child at ease.
  • Do not get angry or frustrated with your child’s behavior.
  • Keep your own dental anxiety under wraps.

Dental Sedation for Comfort and Safety

In some cases, sedation is the safest way to provide treatment and keep your child comfortable. Some of the situations that may require sedation include:

  • Extreme fear or anxiety that make it unsafe for your child to receive treatment
  • Long lasting or multiple procedures
  • Patients who are unable to remain still through a procedure
  • Children with special care needs

At our practice, we offer oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia. Oral conscious sedation can be administered via pill or liquid prior to arrival which may be preferable for children with extreme fear. General anesthesia will relax your child into a state of deep sleep. As she dozes, our team will complete even the most complex dental procedures without causing undo stress for your child.

Call the Kids Dentist 81401 Relies On

No child should ever fear the dentist, and no adult should ever avoid going to the dentist because of bad childhood experiences. That’s the promise we make to our patients. We work to provide the best dental care free from stress or fear. Call us in Commerce CityThornton, or Montrose, CO.