1. Why It Is Important to See a Dentist When Your Child’s First Tooth Shows Up

    Babies are fun and easy to celebrate. They are always hitting different milestones and experiencing a lot of firsts. From their first steps to their first words, parents are always looking forward to their child’s firsts. But with each first comes a new set of things to worry about. When your child takes their first steps, you have to worry about baby-proofing the house. When they get their firs…Read More

  2. New Year’s Resolutions for Your Child’s Dental Health

    Isn’t it incredible that the year is coming to an end? It feels like yesterday when we were ringing in 2019, and just like that, it’s over! It’s been a pretty great one, and we have a good feeling that next year is going to be even better! One great family activity to do before the clock strikes midnight is to get your family together and make New Year’s resolutions! It’s important to se…Read More

  3. Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Are Dentist-Approved!

    Now that your stomach has, hopefully, finally settled from your Thanksgiving meal, it is time for you to rest and prepare for the new year, right? Of course, we all know that this is a lie. Once November ends it is time to buckle down and start getting ready for Christmas. Especially for parents like you, this is a pretty chaotic time of the year. You have to make sure that your house is decorated…Read More

  4. Encouraging Your Little One to Floss

    For many of you out there, there is one thing that your dentist always tells you that you need to do more often. You know exactly what we’re talking about don’t you? Flossing, of course! We’re not mad, just disappointed. But don’t worry, this blog is not about giving you a hard time about flossing more. That’s a job for your dentist. Instead, as your young one’s pediatric dentist in Re…Read More

  5. Setting Up A Healthy Garden

    Welcome back to our blog series on gardening! As we talked about in our first blog, gardening is a great way to build healthy habits. When we think of health, we think of our physical health, but rarely remember that having healthy teeth is just as important to our overall wellness. Our pediatric dentists know that gardening is a fun summer activity, it provides fresh fruits and veggies, and it ca…Read More

  6. Benefits of Building A Garden

    Summer is an amazing time for kids, but it can be kind of stressful for families. Figuring out daycare, activities to keep kids entertained, new routines — it can be a lot. You want the summer to be fun and to be a time of making lasting memories. Creating a garden is the perfect way to make this happen. Whether you’re with your kids at home during the summer or not, creating a garden is a fam…Read More

  7. All About Fluoride!

    Fluoride has been one of those topics of debate in the past decade. A number of people have experienced growing concerns about whether fluoride is dangerous, and whether or not it should be added to the water. Our pediatric dentists are here to set the record straight. Fluoride has a ton of benefits, and it’s not as scary as people make it out to be. Learn more from Treasured Teeth, and set up y…Read More

  8. Foods That Are Surprisingly High in Sugar

    We know that candy is full of sugar and that ideally, you shouldn’t be taking a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. But there are a lot of foods with surprisingly high amounts of sugar, and they’re usually foods we don’t think twice about. When we don’t know what’s in our food or beverages, we’re not able to make informed eating decisions. As parents, the last thing we want…Read More

  9. Letter From the Tooth Fairy

    Losing baby teeth is a big deal! Aside from the fact that it’s kind of weird and strange that our teeth all fall out at some point when we’re young, it’s also a sign that your kiddo is growing up. At Treasured Teeth, our kid’s dentists are fortunate enough to be in direct contact with the Tooth Fairy. If you’re looking for a letter to print out for your child on their first lost baby too…Read More

  10. 4 Unexpected Ways To Protect Your Child’s Teeth

    You help your child brush their teeth in the morning and again at night. You might even be able to get them to floss once in awhile (good for you if you do). And yet, there are countless other ways that kiddos can end up with damaged teeth, even when you do everything right at home. Our pediatric dentists in Thornton and Reunion have plenty of thoughts on how you can help protect your child’s te…Read More