What Makes Our Dental Office Different?

As we are sure that you are aware, most pediatric dental offices don’t seem to be designed for the kids at all. The waiting room is colorless, the staff doesn’t feel incredibly welcoming, and the other patients look terrified as they await their appointment. Here at Treasured Teeth, we never understood why this was the norm. Dental care is so important for your child’s smile and even their overall health, so it should not be something that is overlooked. Our goal was to create an environment that was not only welcoming but fun for our little patients. The first thing that you will notice is our large pirate ship playhouse, right inside of our office! This will immediately put your young one at ease and they won’t be thinking about their upcoming appointment but instead will be searching for treasure while they sail around the seven seas!

This isn’t where the fun ends. We specifically designed everything in our dental clinic to make the kids feel comfortable. This includes fun decor, a friendly staff that will greet them with a smile as soon as they enter, and even TV’s above all of the patient’s chairs! It can be pretty nerve-wracking for the kids to have someone that they don’t know very well picking and prodding at their teeth, so they can take their mind off of that by watching some cartoons right above their head! You’ll soon realize why so families come back time and again to our office. And surprisingly enough, you might even have a difficult time convincing your child to leave!

Comprehensive Services

We know that their amusement and comfort isn’t the only reason that you should decide on Treasured Teeth. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pediatric dentistry services in Reunion and Thornton. No matter what your child’s dental needs may be, we can help. This includes general dental cleaning to ensure that their smiles stay healthy and white (we highly recommend that they see a dentist twice a year), composite fillings for when they get cavities, sedation dentistry to keep them relaxed and calm during their procedure, and much more! Preventative care is so important to their teeth, and when they come to visit our pediatric dentist, we will be able to determine if there are any underlying problems that need to be fixed or any recommended advice that they can add to their routine at home. You can count on customized dental treatments delivered with a smile.

What to Expect

The first thing you can expect is a look of wonder as your child notices our pirate ship (we recommend keeping this a secret from them until you arrive), you’ll see their fears begin to drift away almost immediately. You will then be greeted by one of our kindhearted assistants and go through the proper check-in process, and if you are new to the office, they will give you a little tour of our dental clinic. Next, radiographs will be taken and your child will receive prophylaxis. After their exam, you will have a consultation with our pediatric dentist to discuss your child’s dental health. They will provide you and your child with feedback on oral hygiene, the status of their changing dentition, and any treatment that might be necessary for the future. Finally, you’ll schedule an upcoming appointment. It’s as simple as that! Just remember that you may need to let them pretend to be a pirate for just a little bit longer before leaving!

Is Your Child Extra Anxious?

With some children, even a giant playhouse will not help them feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. If your little one is extra anxious and scared about their appointment, our staff is incredibly experienced in helping to calm them down. They are great with children and will even tell fun stories and sing playful songs to help distract them during their exam or procedure. If this and the TV above their heads doesn’t do the trick, then we can let them sit on your lap for extra comfort while our experts do their job. If the situation is really bad, we also offer sedation dentistry and will provide your child with general anesthesia that will make them super sleepy and relaxed. You can rest assured that no matter how much your child hates going to the dentist, that they will have a much more enjoyable experience at our dental office in Reunion or Thornton.

Make an Appointment Today!

If you are new in the area or are unhappy with your current pediatric dentist, then what are you waiting for! Treasured Teeth is 100% dedicated to providing the best dental services for our patients in a fun and caring environment. If you have any questions, would like to schedule a tour, or are ready to book an appointment for your little one, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.